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Compliance Made Easy

Our MQ1 technology is a suite of enterprise-wide quality management software. From the plant floor to the boardroom, CEBOS’ quality management software system enables organizations to save thousands of hours complying with management standard requirements.

Our proven software helps companies:

  • Comply with the latest standards
  • Automate business practices
  • Integrate related process data

Determining how to automate business processes, comply with quality/regulatory standards, and leverage the same data needed in multiple processes is critical to cracking the quality management system conundrum. To help you achieve this goal, we’ve created solutions that will help you on your journey.

What Customers Are Saying

“The CEBOS MQ1 software was the one that best fulfilled my expectations. I was able to understand their usage and gain the confidence in MQ1 to make the purchase.” - Robbie Harrington, Plant Manager, Welding Manufacturers Industrial Group

“We are starting to use it as a tool for safety as well as quality. Our ISO audits have gone well, largely because of MQ1 in my opinion. Having quick access to the information really impresses the auditors.” - Wade Spooner, Senior Metallurgical Engineer, ArcelorMittal

“MQ1 is far and away the best program for QMS I have ever used. A recent auditor said, ‘MQ1 is best in class software for ISO certifications’.” - Sam Sinclair, QM Lead, Kohler

“Your staff has been great to work with, knowledgeable and patient. Tell them we appreciate their efforts.” - Paul Shearer, IT Manager, Libman Company

“Thank you for making it so easy to work with you and your company, all vendors should be so good!” - Karen Hartley, Corporate IT Manager, HFI, LLC