Quality Management

CEBOS understands that the QMS software is only part of the solution. A solid, proven methodology is critical to the success of any project deployment. As a result, CEBOS has invested heavily in its professional services department to ensure that ALL customer deployments are successful and that the right people deliver the optimal methodology.

This has resulted in CEBOS utilizing a three gate methodology:

  • Planning / Requirements Gathering / Design
  • Configuration / Testing
  • Go Live

This methodology has been proven for over a decade to be an absolute critical success factor. Included in the above methodology are the following professional services that CEBOS offers:

  • Implementation / process mapping
  • Data Migration Services
  • Software Training
  • Systems Integration
  • Validation
  • Webinars
  • Project Management
  • Technology Support
  • Help Desk Support
  • Installation
  • Custom Report Writing

Working with the CEBOS Team

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