Where Can You Get American Goods?

There may be far less factories today in the USA than there were 50 years ago, but it’s still possible to find great products that are made entirely on American soil. Here are a few of the best, or you can refer to this link for a more comprehensive list of great products made in America.

Clothing and Accessories

  • All American Clothing uses local materials and services to support regular operations.
  • Branded Leather makes the jackets worn by New York police, among other things.
  • Capital Eyewear is a great example of fine American craftsmanship. Check out their wooden frames!
  • Shinola has helped Detroit get back on its feet, replacing many of the manufacturing jobs that were lost when the automotive industry collapsed.
  • Peckham Performance Apparel employs individuals with disabilities and helps them learn essential skills.


  • San Antonio Shoemakers focuses on comfort and durability, making them a great value.
  • Chippewa Boots is dedicated to integrity, performance, and dependability. They are one of the oldest outdoor footwear brands.
  • The Frye Company uses high quality American leather to make fashion-forward boots and shoes.

Household and Appliances

  • Tervis has become almost a household name, and the company is known for its green efforts and supports disease research.
  • Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company is the largest manufacturer of wooden bedroom furniture for adults, and they use sustainable practices.
  • The Hammock Company takes pride in the fact that all products are employee-tested.
  • InterVac’s rigorously-tested vacuum cleaners are made with advanced technology.
  • Polywood uses recycled plastic to make their durable outdoor furniture.

Industrial and Business Products

  • H.E. Williams gives businesses personal attention to provide the best commercial lighting on the market.
  • Old Dominion Wood Products specializes in customizable wood furniture for the hospitality industry.
  • Alliance Rubber Company will make you more excited about rubber bands than you ever thought you could be.
  • Polyguard is an employee-owned company specializing in high-tech surface protection.
  • Deluxe Corporation creates custom printed products, including checks for many American banks.

Foods and Beverages

  • Organic Valley makes food you can trust with no pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, cruelty, or harmful fertilizers.
  • Vital Choice Seafood ensures that their fresh, wild-caught seafood is safely handled and sustainable.
  • Clif Bar and Company focuses on credibility, nutrition, and their incredible employee perks.
  • Newman’s Own doesn’t just make delicious organic and GMO-free foods, they also generously support charity causes.
  • NOW Foods, a family owned company that aims to be affordable and environmentally friendly.

Read the full list and share your favorite American companies here.