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How to Make Quality Everyone’s Job

Father of modern quality management Dr. W. Edwards Deming ends his Philosophy of Quality with Point #14: “Put everybody in

How Supply Chain Management Transforms Vetting Suppliers

Father of modern quality Dr. W. Edwards Deming drew up a 14-Point Philosophy of Quality. Point #4 reads: “End the

How APQP Ends Dependence on Inspections

Dr. W. Edwards Deming is the father of modern quality. Back in the 1930s, Deming began exploring the idea of

Benefits of the QAD CEBOS Gauge Management App

The AIAG Measurement System Analysis (MSA) identifies calibration, Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility, along with bias, linearity, and stability studies as

How to Make the Business Case for EQMS

Members of the IT and quality teams at manufacturing companies know that enterprise quality management software (EQMS) matters. However, making

The Risks and Costs of Not Having EQMS

Most manufacturers have a quality management system (QMS) in place. The QMS is made up of the people, tools, and

What Manufacturers Need to Know About Audit-LPA Apps

Conducting audits is a necessary part of ensuring that quality is enforced at every stage of design and manufacturing. When

Why Manufacturers Need a Supplier Quality Management App

Manufacturing is a collaborative process. Manufacturers rely on suppliers for parts and materials that are used in the assembly process.

QAD CEBOS Announces the Release of QAD CEBOS 2018 and Launches New Upgrade Process

New Process Enables Customers to Rapidly Complete Their Upgrade The latest QAD CEBOS QMS 2018 solution was officially launched July

What Makes a Quality Management System Plan So Important?

Why does your business need a quality management plan for TQM?  Total Quality Management needs a plan for the same reasons