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How to Make Quality Everyone’s Job

Father of modern quality management Dr. W. Edwards Deming ends his Philosophy of Quality with Point #14: “Put everybody in

How Supply Chain Management Transforms Vetting Suppliers

Father of modern quality Dr. W. Edwards Deming drew up a 14-Point Philosophy of Quality. Point #4 reads: “End the

Benefits of QAD CEBOS APQP/PPAP and Inspection App

Developing and bringing new products to market keeps companies competitive. When manufacturers listen to what consumers want and deliver it,

Benefits of the QAD CEBOS Training Compliance Application

Currently, the manufacturing industry is facing an employment crisis. In the U.S., unemployment rates are down, which is good news

The World Conference on Quality and Improvement 2019 Review

Team members from QAD CEBOS attended The ASQ 2019 World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI). As the voice of

Setting Priorities: Cutting Costs or Quality Management?

In many organizations, managers perceive the choice between cutting costs and managing quality as an either-or decision. The truth is,

The C-Level Executive’s Role in Quality Management

For too long, quality management has been relegated to an end-of-the-line operation, treated like an afterthought in the production process,

IATF 16949, Operational Excellence, and Corporate Strategy

The IATF 16949:2016 went into effect for the automotive industry in September 2018. Failure to comply can result in the inability to compete

How to Plan and Implement an Effective Corrective Action System: 7 Key Steps

The purpose of a quality management system is to help businesses improve abilities to consistently meet customer or regulatory requirements.

Handling Multiple Quality Management Systems

In today’s competitive and global marketplace, it is essential that companies have a dependable quality management system. Many times, businesses develop