New Process Enables Customers to Rapidly Complete Their Upgrade

The latest CEBOS QMS 2018 solution was officially launched July 10, 2018, promising a new and faster upgrade process. Full details can be found in the official press release.

Tom Seadler, President of CEBOS, noted: “The 2018 release is very important for CEBOS and its customers…[and] will help CEBOS customers and prospects become successful in their EQMS efforts.”

He confirmed that more than 100 enhancements were made to the application suite in order to help automotive suppliers comply with the new IATF regulations.

CEBOS 2018 is a fully integrated, end-to-end, cross-functional quality management system (QMS). The updated solution features embedded best practices based on ISO 9001 quality management standards and is fully mapped to the International Automotive Task Group (IATF) 16949 requirements, which took effect in September 2018.

As an HTML5-based solution, CEBOS 2018 offers device independenceis engineered for the Cloud, and offers flexible on-premise deployment options. The new upgrade process enables existing customers running the old client-server version to complete necessary upgrades to CEBOS 2018 quickly and efficiently, often during the course of a weekend. 

The latest release of CEBOS QMS is available immediately. Click here to read the full press release or contact us to chat with an expert.