Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Software

Improving manufacturing quality is an ongoing process of identifying and correcting issues that arise. It is inevitable that problems will occur. What separates success and failure is how rigorously those problems are managed and how key learnings are incorporated back into the process to prevent reoccurrence. An ineffective CAPA process leads to:


Wasted Time
  • Inability to manage open items and pinpoint bottlenecks
  • Delays in addressing critical events
  • Manufacturing downtime


  • Accurate information unavailable
  • Team members not aware of needed changes
  • Managers lack data to take action


Inaccurate Documentation
  • Errors due to manual routing
  • Inability to implement and track remedies in a timely manner
  • Appearance to the customer of disorganization


Unnecessary Risk
  • Potential risks are not fully analyzed and remain undocumented
  • Situations that carry risk continue
  • Product safety and/or worker safety jeopardized


Unnecessary Risk
  • Missed quality metrics
  • Lack of timely response to the customer
  • Cost difficult to capture and analyze

Through a well-managed corrective action (CAPA) process, preferably one that is automated and integrated into the quality management system (QMS), a business can operate efficiently, limit risk and improve quality.

CEBOS Can Help

The CEBOS CAPA/NCR software module automates the documentation and resolution of problems and potential problems as part of an integrated QMS system. Centralized nonconformance reporting tracks and addresses issues that jeopardize quality metrics. CAPA concerns triggered at any point in the product development cycle, even during audit or inspection, are captured and documented so they can be resolved.

The software is a completely closed-loop system that directs users through a problem-solving methodology in order to feed improvements back into the QMS system. The system can be configured in multiple ways to meet customer demands, simplify the process and ensure that critical data is captured and documented correctly. Users can select:

  • Problem-solving and root cause analysis models (such as 8D, 5 Why or Ishakawa fishbone diagram)
  • Reporting format
  • Configurable checklists
  • Drag and drop text capability
  • Graphical reports with multiple different chart types
  • User-defined templates


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The Benefits Are Clear

CEBOS CAPA software ensures your organization complies with quality standards and drives continuous improvement in product quality and reliability. Other benefits of automating the CAPA/NCR process include:


  • Defines and implements multiple problem-solving methodologies
  • Allows different problem types (supplier, customer, warranty, safety, product, audit, nonconformance and many others) to be managed effectively


  • Generates extensive, configurable graphical analysis of all data (causal, symptom, cost, Pareto, pie, trend) to assist decision making


  • Automatically notifies, tracks and escalates corrective actions or nonconformities
  • Maintains an online knowledge base to prevent problem reoccurrence


  • Reduces manual process inefficiencies
  • Speeds up implementation and reporting

Features of CEBOS CAPA Software

Automated Notification and Tracking

Automated Notification and Tracking
  • Tracks corrective actions and nonconformances electronically by recording the trend, assigning the task to an individual (internal or external to the organization) and documenting the response
  • Automatically escalates issues if deadlines are not met

Closed-Loop System

Closed-Loop System
  • Applies the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” cycle throughout the organization
  • Provides comprehensive links to failure modes in the APQP module
  • Ensures all quality requirements in all the major quality management standards are met or exceeded

Enhanced Reporting

Enhanced Reporting
  • Captures information and provides customized trend analysis, analytics, reporting and online charting
  • Offers reporting of key performance indicators, metrics and dashboards
  • Tracks nonconformance reports to ensure issues are addressed and customer specifications are met
  • Uses configurable reporting formats to meet customer requirements