Members of the IT and quality teams at manufacturing companies know that enterprise quality management software (EQMS) matters. However, making the importance of EQMS clear to the rest of the company is challenging.

Manufacturing companies are reluctant to invest in quality software unless a specific incident occurs, such as a late delivery, product redesign, line shutdown, or recall. This reactive approach to quality is costly and potentially damaging to your company’s reputation. It shouldn’t take an adverse finding from an internal or customer audit for a manufacturer to realize quality management software is important.

Quality teams need to be able to make compelling arguments about the value EQMS brings to the entire business. Quality leaders must come to budget meetings ready to argue that EQMS produces return on investment (ROI), helps the entire business succeed, and enhances the company’s reputation.

Making a Wise Investment

Often the rest of the business sees IT and quality as cost centers rather than profit centers. Business leaders hesitate to invest money in quality management software because they don’t see how it can positively affect the bottom line.

In fact, investing in quality saves money in the long run. Instead of spending money fixing mistakes, the company can budget for EQMS and prevent problems before they happen. Every dollar that is used to remake a scrapped product or recall a defective product from the customer could be spent funding EQMS.

Why not budget for quality instead of paying for the cost of the fallout when a product fails? EQMS enables manufacturers to take a proactive and preventive approach to quality that generates return on investment (ROI).

Seeing Results Across the Business

Using EQMS improves the performance of every department in a manufacturing company. Everyone from sales through engineering and operations will see an improvement in key performance indicators (KPIs).

Standardizing procedures such as corrective and preventive actions, audits, complaint management, document management, and supplier management ramps up KPI numbers. When procedures are automated and standardized, there is less chance for error or duplication of work. Employees in every department are more productive and successful.

An EQMS prevents and contains nonconformances so only high-quality products reach the customer. Engineers and product developers can work out the kinks during the design stage. When a manufacturer is turning out consistent products, these products sell better. Products get to the market faster and have successful launches.

Boosting Your Rep

Successful product launches enhance your company’s reputation. No manufacturer wants to be known for having its product recalled. Product recalls result in the wrong type of publicity as news spreads about the harm customers suffer due to defects.

With EQMS, your company can become known as an innovator that brings groundbreaking and desirable products to the market. Customers can feel confident buying these products because your company comes across as reliable and trustworthy. When your business has a good reputation, you build customer loyalty. These loyal customers can advocate for your brand, winning over new customers.

Your Partner in Quality

As a thought leader in the field of operational excellence, QAD CEBOS has all the information you need to make a business case for EQMS. When you partner with us, you will equip yourself with the evidence you need to persuade business leaders that EQMS will have a positive effect on the entire enterprise.

QAD CEBOS will help you quantify the value of EQMS and articulate your business case. We can also help you accomplish next steps by guiding your company through the implementation of EQMS, as while as providing training and support.

Find out how EQMS can add value to your company. Schedule a complimentary Business Assessment with QAD CEBOS.