Although Quality Management System (QMS) software may come with many benefits, introducing it to your organization can be a tricky affair, especially if your employees are already used to a standard manual system. Smart preparation, however, can help ease the process of adopting QMS software, which may seem unusually intimidating in the beginning. Here are a few helpful tips to get started:

Introducing QMS Software

  • Be Gentle: Of course, you will want to kick-start the QMS software as soon as possible. You cannot wait to get rid of a rather cumbersome and complex manual system. That, however, should not be an excuse to force a new way of doing things on your employees. Introduce the concept and explain why your firm is making the move. Pay close attention to their response. If you notice any negativity or resistance against the system, listen closely to your employees and address their concerns.
  • Coordinate HumanGuided Training: Training materials from your service provider may be a convenient and fast way of passing the message to your employees, but it will never be as effective as human-guided training. The latter may be a little more expensive, but it is definitely worth the trouble, especially if you want the best results. Your employees will learn faster and respond better to a human trainer compared to notes on a computer screen.
  • Be Positive: To convince your team to wholeheartedly accept the QMS software, focus on its benefits, especially in regards to how it will affect them as individuals. Your employees will be more responsive after they learn that QMS software is capable of reducing their workload and boosting productivity at the same time.

To get the best out of your cloud QMS software, you need to be patient not only with your employees but also with external parties affected by the system. Your internet service provider, for example, should be notified early about the adoption of new cloud QMS software to provide you with the required bandwidth to support your operations.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

It is critically important to avoid mistakes which could be detrimental to your new QMS software. Some of the common ones include:

  • Failing to Provide Adequate Training: Failing to comprehensively prepare your teams for the QMS software can possibly make them even less efficient than they were with a manual system.
  • Failing To Enforce Stringent Procedures on Document Control and Management: Your cloud data servers could easily be cluttered by unnecessary documents residing in your folders. To avoid this, employ rigorous processes which may not only save you the trouble of sorting the clutter, but also improve overall data security.
  • Ignoring Feedback: Being overly-confident about your QMS software could potentially make you ignorant of your customers’ and employees’ feedback, subsequently crippling the whole process. Since the system is designed to be fluid according to your organization, you should always assess and restructure it according to the feedback you get from the front line.

For additional help on figuring out how to implement your QMS software to achieve full potential, don’t hesitate to get in touch with QAD CEBOS through or (810) 534-2222. You can also check out this blog on transitioning from manual quality management to QMS software, and check out the blog Top 5 Reasons to Consider QMS Software.