Regardless of size, product and service line or management style, businesses have only one goal — excellence. It can be achieved in many ways; however, it should be rooted in a well-established ISO 9001 Quality Management System. After all, it is the quality of products and services that win the hearts of customers and determines the future of any business.

Holistic Business Improvement Through QMS

There have been established standards and regulations that target only a specific part of the company. It’s not the track where Quality Management Systems are leading companies these days. Through QMS, all aspects of an organization will benefit by defining and establishing Key Performance Indicators. Every section of the company will have metrics specific to its purpose and function. Through these KPIs, businesses have a clear path leading towards the achievement of departmental and corporate objectives.

Maintaining Balance on Critical Business Segments

In line with the QMS goal in achieving a holistic and continuous business improvement that benefits all aspects of a company, it is important to keep in equilibrium the following critical business segments:  

  • Manpower: It’s the most important asset of any company and should continuously learn and grow. Empowering your people is a vital tool for achieving company’s objectives.
  • Process: It involves keeping the cost low and the production high. It’s a perfect recipe for the steady growth of any company.
  • Customers:  Satisfaction of customers must be treated with paramount importance. Without this, it would be impossible to lay a strong foundation for excellence.
  • Finance: This is an important piece of the puzzle that must be handled prudently.

Every Piece of the Puzzle Counts

Every department of a company is equally important as the others. Each of them is a piece of the puzzle. They must exert their respective efforts in meeting specific objectives which will help meet the goals of the company as a whole. Here are some basic steps on how they can contribute to the realization of the company’s objectives:

  • Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be the base metrics unique to the purpose and function of each department
  • Execute action plans that will lead to the attainment of KPIs
  • Measure and monitor results and compare them against what was planned
  • Revise action plans if the actual results show deviation from the target metrics

Implementing QMS in every department makes the realization of goals a much easier task. As part of the revolution gearing towards business excellence, each department must employ the principles of information management, measurement and review of KPIs. Once everything is set and covered, these key aspects will play an important role in achieving success.  

Business excellence has never been this easy to achieve. With the help of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, you are not only keeping the quality of your products and service competitive in the market, but you are also one step closer to achieving a relentlessly developing business.

If you need help in achieving business excellence through a quality management system, we invite you to contact us so we can share some of our lessons learned with you. You can also learn more in this blog that examines ISO9001 as a customer-focused quality management system.