The automotive industry has a strong commitment to developing, adopting and ensuring compliance with industry-wide standards such as IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and MSA, among others.

Modern quality standards like these are too complex to manage effectively using spreadsheets or paper models, making these traditional choices inefficient for auditing or proving compliance.

Companies that embrace the spirit of these all-encompassing quality standards need a full-featured EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management System).

An EQMS that is:

  • Highly Functional for the Entire Organization
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick to Implement

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Automotive Industry Commitment & Vision

QAD CEBOS has been servicing the quality needs of the automotive industry since its founding. We are proud members of industry standards bodies such as AIAG and ODETTE, and we have a team of automotive industry specialists and compliance experts who study and monitor evolving standards to ensure our solution meets or exceeds industry needs. We solicit input from our automotive industry customers to ensure our product is easy to use.

Innovation is an essential part of providing the best products for our automotive industry customers.

Automating Compliance

Companies can’t operate in the automotive industry without complying with industry and OEM quality requirements. QAD CEBOS EQMS maps to the automotive industry standards, ensuring compliance is simple, automatic and complete.

Automation eliminates the need for extra steps, phone calls or manual actions to complete quality reporting, helping put an end to errors or omissions that other systems can’t prevent.

QAD CEBOS EQMS seamlessly shares data across business processes to eliminate redundancies. For example, Document Control spans Training, Inspection Plans, Auditing, CAPA, and other aspects of your business.