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CEBOS and Challenges in the Food & Beverage Industry

Now more than ever, quality is of paramount importance. For organizations involved in the food and beverage industry, a comprehensive food safety management system (FSMS) is one of the key attributes to the longevity and success of the organization. However, managing the FSMS to requirements such as: ISO 22000, hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) requirements or Safe Quality Food (SQF) program, is no easy task! Given the enormity and complexity of complying with such requirements, it is common to design and implement systems that can quickly be implemented (i.e., spreadsheets, separate databases), but are inefficient or ineffective in the long-term.

That is where CEBOS comes in, for over 17 years and supported by hundreds of deployments, CEBOS’ MQ1 software has been there ensuring organizations have coverage that continually exceeds these ever-changing, evolving requirements while making the compliance process easy! You can find out more about CEBOS’ MQ1 software and other solutions HERE.

Food & Beverage Industry Commitment & Vision

CEBOS designs and develops MQ1 directly for the food and beverage industry (please click here to view CEBOS’ ISO 22000 software and SQF Software Automation and Compliance suite). This is done through a collaborative process with our food and beverage customer base as well as our proactive involvement in understanding changes to the standards and regulations before they are adopted. This approach allows CEBOS to develop food and beverage compliance solutions that are easy to implement as well as innovative. At CEBOS, we recognize that continually innovating our products is essential to providing the best products in the marketplace, that’s why we have made it part of our mission statement!

Compliance & Automation

To be able to compete in the food and beverage industry, compliance to recognized quality standards such as ISO and SQF is a requirement for doing business. CEBOS’ MQ1 software was born from this environment and created specifically to exceed industry compliance requirements. Since these standards change over time, CEBOS has made it part of its charter to continually monitor the standards and update MQ1 to provide for an optimally, automated compliance solution. This is part of the value you can expect from CEBOS; now you can focus on your job, not worrying about staying on top of changing compliance requirements!

Automation is the return on investment you can also expect from MQ1. Whether it’s:

MQ1 has got you covered with a completely scalable, leveragable quality management system!