SQF Guidelines

Easily Manage to Safe Quality Food Guidelines

Complying with Safe Quality Food (SQF) Codes and Guidelines is no easy task, even with enough resources available to manage it. Unfortunately, today’s difficult business climate presents an even greater challenge with limited resources and that is why good software enabling a streamlined system for managing SQF is so vital to success for food industry businesses.

Helping companies achieve compliance since 1995, CEBOS has observed many techniques and best practices to effectively manage an organization’s SQF process. One of the most challenging aspects of SQF is the management of product specifications.  Part of what makes this a challenge is:

  • Integrating data between Bill of Materials and product specifications
  • The need to document and ensure revision control for multiple product specifications including Raw Materials, Formulations (Work in Process), Packaging and Finished Goods (SKU’s)
  • Creating strategic linkages in data so that logical groupings of data can be used for building up multiple finished products using the same formulation
  • Ensuring that changes get made on all affected documentation (i.e., you change one item, this affects many other related documents) and reducing the intense administration workload associated with this task
  • Without the proper automation tools in place, the management of product specification documentation alone demands a significant amount of time and resources to complete and manage.

The good news is that successfully managing the development and revision control of product specifications can be done efficiently when armed with the right knowledge and tools.  In fact, there is a valuable opportunity to gain a competitive advantage with this efficiency and have the peace of mind that the data is correct and compliance is assured. We discuss these tools and other helpful hints in our checklist “SQF Efficient Process Specification Management”.  If you would like a copy of the checklist, simply complete the form on the right hand margin of the page!