IATF 16949 Software Suite

In today’s times, quality is of paramount importance. It is one of the key attributes to the longevity and success of an organization. For the past 2 decades, the automotive industry has emerged as an innovative leader for best-in-class quality systems.  The IATF 16949 standard for quality is perhaps one of the most rigorous standards in the world and managing the quality management system (QMS) to IATF 16949 is no easy task!

The IATF 16949 standard and its associated mandatory reference manuals have been updated with new and more stringent requirements, and specific customers are adding their own additional requirements which adds yet another layer of complexity that must be managed.  Compounding these big challenges, many organizations are putting themselves in a futile situation by trying to rely on insufficient quality management systems that have the following inefficiencies and shortcomings:

  • Redundancy and extra steps associated with maintaining islands of data (e.g.; Email, Word, Excel, and Access)
  • Lack of integration and linking related data across the QMS (e.g., document change requests to training personnel, audit findings to CAPA, CAPA to FMEA)
  • Manually generated, inaccurate, out of date reports that attempt to provide enterprise visibility

Fortunately, there is help immediately available! CEBOS’ MQ1 IATF 16949 solution is a completely automated, integrated, quality management system geared specifically to the requirements of IATF 16949. The software significantly reduces the time organizations spend to complete and maintain registration. It ensures that the organization’s QMS is in compliance with the applicable requirements and that staff member knows exactly what and when to complete required tasks.

IATF 16949 Software Needs Matrix

MQ1 Module IATF 16949 Compliance Requirement Covered with MQ1 Software
APQP and PPAP: Product Planning and Realization Customer Requirements and Related Processes, Customer approved sources, Product Realization, Multi-disciplinary approach, Change Control, Engineering Specifications, Process Flow, FMEA, Acceptance Criteria, Special Characteristics, Control Plans, Error-Proofing, Personnel Safety, Work Instructions, Prototype and Product Approval Process (PPAP), Preservation of Product
Audit Internal Audits (Process, Product and System audits), Audit Planning, Internal Auditor Qualification, Management Review, Cleanliness of Premises, Work Environment, Storage and Inventory
Customer Management Customer Focus, Customer Feedback and Satisfaction, Customer Communication, Customer Property, and Manufacturing Feasibility
Data Collection Monitoring & Measuring of Products/Processes; Verification of Job-set-ups, Layout Inspection and Functional Testing, Identification and Traceability
Document Control and Management Quality Policy, Quality Manual, Control of Documents/Drawings, Control of Records, Work Instructions, Process approval, Engineering Specifications, and Laboratory requirements
Human Resources for Employee Skill and Competency Management Responsibility and Authority, Competence Awareness, Employee Motivation and Empowerment, Training Needs Analysis, Maintenance of Training Records, Knowledge of Statistical Processes, Contingency and Succession Planning
Gage Control of Monitoring and Measurement Devices, Measurement System Analysis (MSA), Calibration Verification Records, Gage R&R, Bias, Stability and Linearity Studies
Equipment Maintenance Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, Infrastructure Maintenance, Plant, Facility and Equipment Planning, Key Spare Part Management, Management of Production Tooling
Problem Solving Control of Non-conforming (NCR) and Reworked product, Corrective Action, Preventive Action (CAPA), Problem Solving (e.g., 8D, 5 why), Customer Review (Deviations), Identification and traceability and Corrective Action Impact, warranty, safety
Supplier Performance Management Supplier Evaluations and Performance Monitoring, Supplier Quality Management System Development, Verification of Purchased Product (Incoming Product Quality), Supplier Corrective Action (SCAR), Regulatory Conformity, Control of Purchasing Process, Customer Property
Program/Project Management Product and Quality System Planning, Design and Development Planning, Design Verification and Validation, Continual Improvement, Confidentiality Protection, Multi-disciplinary Approach, Management Commitment, Management Monitoring and Review, Internal Communication, Action Plans
Key Performance Measuring and Reporting Quality Objectives, Analysis of Data, Process Efficiency and Effectiveness, Performance Trends Measurement, Management Review (utilizing graphical scorecards), Continual Improvement, Employee Motivation and Empowerment