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Product development is a complex process that requires a careful balance between customer requirements, product costs and time to market. The process spans nearly the entire organization and is far too complex to manage with paper based systems or even spreadsheets.

Without a system in place to ensure products are designed for quality and manufacturability, life-time product profitability can be severely compromised, yet most quality management systems ignore this vital process.

Wasted time, inaccurate documentation, excessive rework, duplicate efforts and unnecessary risk exposure are just some of the problems companies face without an effective APQP and PPAP system in place.

QAD CEBOS EQMS includes complete capabilities to support the product design and introduction process.

  • Match revisions across documents to ensure the team operates to the latest specs, reducing scrap and rework
  • Document production processes and changes based on CAPA, FMEA and control plan
  • Automate workflow and communication
  • Monitor design production gates and approvals

APQP Project Management

Every operation has projects that affect quality, but most project management software is overkill, while spreadsheets don’t do enough. As a result, projects go off schedule, resulting in missed milestones and schedule slippages that can affect the organization’s effectivity.

QAD CEBOS EQMS has project management capabilities that are just right. It makes tracking projects simple, without requiring a lot of non-value added project maintenance—while still keeping the project on schedule with automatic alerts and escalations.

  • Assigns responsibilities and due dates
  • Automatically sends reminders and escalations according to company set rules
  • Simplifies tracking with clear, graphical exception reports
  • Facilitates team communications
  • Leverages past projects as a template for new projects with predefined tasks and checklists
  • Schedules team meetings and emails meeting minutes and action items to team members

Risk Management

All modern compliance standards include risk management as an important aspect of effective operations. Whether you are covered by ISO 18435, IATF 16949, ISO 9001 or another standard, you need to prove that the organization has identified and prioritized risks, and then put a plan in place to mitigate the effects of each potential issue.

To be in compliance, the organization must prove that it has identified risks and assigned the necessary resources to manage the high priority possibilities. Failure to plan for risk mitigation can result in fines from government authorities or sanctions from customers that can stop the company from doing business within specific industries.

QAD CEBOS EQMS has a built in structured documentation system for identifying potential risks and documenting the mitigation plans.

  • Lists action items and contact data for affected individuals, supervisors and management for each identified risk
  • Links risk data to equipment, operational processes, supplier information or whatever aspect of the business is involved
  • Identifies risks, goals and due dates
  • Stores risk mitigation and management plans in the QAD CEBOS document management system with review cycle reminders

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