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Corrective and preventive actions must be implemented in a timely way for safety, cost considerations, customer satisfaction and to show compliance. Most compliance frameworks and regulations include a mandate for continuous improvement, and having a well-documented CAPA process makes demonstrating that commitment simple.

Nonconforming materials is another area that requires systematic monitoring. To ensure quality and compliance, the disposition of nonconforming goods and components must be tracked and recorded.

Paper methods are cumbersome and error prone, and even spreadsheets are hard to share and keep up to date—and they don’t provide rigorous accountability as required by most regulations.

QAD CEBOS EQMS includes a structured process for managing both the CAPA and NCR processes, so you never need to worry about anything getting lost or slipping through the cracks. Limit risk and simplify compliance.

  • Uses problem-solving and root-cause analysis models such as 8D, 5 Why, Fishbone Diagrams
  • User-configurable checklists for tracking process steps
  • Drag and drop text blocks
  • Graphical status reports
  • Configurable alerts and approvals

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