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Performance Management

Performance Management

Compliance frameworks such as IATF 16949 require top management to report on the performance of their quality systems, and QAD CEBOS includes the ability to track and report on QMS usage and the company’s overall quality efforts. From APQP support to ensure new products are designed for quality to CAPA and ECN tracking that follows corrective actions implementations, QAD CEBOS provides insight into the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Most compliance frameworks require top management to provide evidence of a commitment to quality. The most important proof point is the requirement to develop and improve a quality management system. While no standard requires that the quality management system be software base, QAD CEBOS facilitates proof of this effort by providing a ready-made framework with quality tools and support for every area of the business, including documentation, training, ECNs, CAPA, APQP and risk management. QAD CEBOS enables a quality mindset throughout the organization, and helps companies achieve quality goals while keeping the costs low.

It’s axiomatic that what isn’t measured can’t be improved. That’s why QAD CEBOS includes tools to implement, measure and improve quality in every aspect of a business.

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