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Document Control

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Training Management & Tracking

Document Control

Every process and product requires documentation, from training to production to compliance. Paper documents are unmanageable. You can never be sure employees always use the most recent revision.

In addition to becoming a built-in point of failure, paper is inefficient. You print it, file it, carry it from place to place, search for it while it’s moving through a process—the list of non-value added activities paper adds to your operation is nearly endless.

Eliminating paper also helps you to become a more eco-friendly organization and can become an important part of your “green strategy.”

QAD CEBOS EQMS includes a complete document management system that eliminates waste, reduces scrap, improves efficiency and ensures that your organization is in compliance with training and reporting requirements.

  • Includes document check in / check out
  • Electronic document approval routing and tracking
  • Automatically archives previous versions when new versions are approved
  • An efficient and green solution

Training Management & Tracking

Most standards require that only trained and qualified individuals perform tasks. Other regulations may require specific training such as sexual harassment awareness, legal and proper business practices or even company messaging and branding. Tracking all this on paper is impossible, especially when it comes to assigning work on the plant floor. Without a comprehensive training tracking program, it can be hard to know if employees have been through the right training on processes or safety procedures.

QAD CEBOS EQMS includes comprehensive training tracking capabilities that meets requirements such as SOX, IATF 16949, ISO 18435, HAACP, QSR Title 21 Part 820 and others.

  • Automatically notifies employees and supervisors when training or refreshers are required
  • Ensures only qualified employees are assigned to specific tasks
  • Tracks and reports on training compliance
  • Captures training costs and expenses
  • Helps with employee development and succession planning
  • Administers and analyzes employee surveys
  • Manages backup employees for key skilled employees
  • Maintains org charts and documents responsibilities
  • Maintains up-to-date job descriptions
  • Records employee demographic information including birthdays, job history, performance data and more

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