Quality Management System Case Study – SMR

Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec (SMR)

Being one of the largest manufacturers of automotive rearview mirrors, SMR needed a quality management system that could be integrated into each of their locations across the globe. They searched for a system that could provide tangible benefits to both suppliers and customers, and included QAD integration.

Challenges Experienced by SMR

Although some locations are already equipped with a quality management system, SMR wanted to advance their productivity and efficiency by implementing a QMS that could be used at all locations. Since this option is not feasible with their previous program, SMR turned to CEBOS for help. Specifically, SMR was looking for:

  • A high-quality, standard management system for all global locations.
  • A program that can be quickly executed at each location.
  • Phased rollouts that would provide an aggressive, yet manageable, implementation processes.
  • Effective QAD integration that complements both ISO and TS certification.

“We have been talking about implementing a quality management system for years. We wanted to have a standout quality management system for all SMR locations.”
Christophe Sib, SMR’s global ERP and QMS IT Specialist

Quick Implementation with Seamless Integration

SMR turned to CEBOS to meet the demands of their top supplier and to improve their overall quality in compliance with the management system in all global locations. With the assistance of a program manager, they developed an aggressive rollout process that would enable quick implementation, while maintaining seamless integration. That process included:

  • A two-phase process with full prototypes, implementations, and designs that created seamless but assertive implementation.
  • Aggressive three-week implementation timelines for each location.
  • Fully-trained consultants that provided guidance at each facility.
Quality Management System - SMR Sieb Quote

Quickly Meeting the Demands of Suppliers and Customers

So far, SMR has executed the first phase of their CEBOS integration in seven of their locations. Additional plants are now entering into phase one of the process. Thus far, benefits have included:

  • Improved communication with suppliers and customers with regard to product quality status.
  • Improved access and retrieval for all documents.
  • Reduction in duplicate tasks – saving both time and money.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Standardized quality processes across multiple locations worldwide.