Quality Management System Case Study – Vishay Dale

Vishay Dale Inc.

As a part of Vishay Intertechnology, Vishay Dale Incorporated (Vishay Dale Inc.) is considered a leader in technology, engineering, and electronic components. Originally focused on serving the government and military industries, their products can now be found in everything from smartphones and tablets to automobiles and solar power systems. The sheer volume of their manufacturing efforts, as well as their desire to maintain a presence in the automotive, were the driving forces that brought them to CEBOS.

Challenges Experienced by Vishay prior to CEBOS

  • Thousands of paper documents created storage and audit issues.
  • Changes and approvals took a great deal of time to implement and complete.
  • Automotive customers wanted a TQM resource, but Vishay did not have the manpower or resources needed to effectively implement the quality management system.
  • Vital internal documents were at risk of getting lost, damaged, changed, and misplaced.

“Before CEBOS, we had paper everywhere. We transferred over 65,000 documents into CEBOS, and each one of them could have two, three, maybe a hundred sheets to them. We would have to mail [our document change notices] . . . A change could take weeks.”
Joe Arlt, Document Control Manager

A “No-Nonsense” Document Control Method

Because they wanted to obtain a strong foothold in the automotive industry while also improving the speed, accuracy, and process through which changes were made within the company, Vishay set out to find a software solution capable of handling large volumes of data. Their search ultimately brought them to CEBOS, who helped them:

  • Migrate more than 65,000 documents.
  • Create more than a half a million entries connecting all related documents to make them easier to find.
  • Tweak the system to improve any speed issues created by the large volumes of data and information.
  • Develop a system that reduced the time and effort it takes to implement and approve engineering changes.
  • Improve the audit process through simple click searches to show why a document was changed, who changed it, and when.
  • Eliminate mounds of paper, giving the company more space for productivity.

Faster Approvals. Better Audits. Effective Quality Management.

Since implementing CEBOS, Vishay has become a lead supplier for the automotive industry. They have also dramatically improved their change and audit processes. Other areas where Arlt says the company has seen improvement include:

  • Reduced volume of paper documents.
  • System now essentially runs itself.
  • Engineers understand and use the system effectively.
  • No more worries over lost, torn, or damaged documents.
  • Real-time approvals and rejections.
  • Improved revision accuracy.
  • Able to make critical changes quickly and easily.
  • No longer need to restart the approval process if lead engineer finds an issue with design.