Data Integration

Reduce or Eliminate Redundant Data Input

The CEBOS data integration software is a product for eliminating data input redundancy between CEBOS’ software and other applications such as, ERP/MRP, human resource software, internally created databases, etc. It provides automated, configured real time integration as well as batch integration to ensure that data is accurate, current and only inputted one time.


  • Save time, costs and frustration by keying in information only once
  • Enable accurate and faster cross application data analysis with improved data integrity


  • Automated transfer of desired data at user defined intervals
  • Set up once and use many times without changing
  • User-friendly interface for mapping fields and for setting up data events
  • Capability to query source data
  • Ability to use a vast scripting expressions library to manipulate data
  • The frequency for updating data may be defined for each source item and events may be processed in a logical sequential order
  • Events can be run manually or set-up as timed events to automatically batch process all events
  • Configurable add, update and delete options

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