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Document control and management is vitally important to any organization. It provides the means to share the correct information at the right time. Although this is a very desirable outcome, actually realizing these results is a significant challenge. Here we discuss the big picture of document management and the benefits of using document control software.

The Document Problem is Big


Doucment Control - Which Document is Correct?

Which Document is Correct?

All too often, employees struggle to find the most up-to-date document, or they are not aware of a newer version of the document. Mistakes that cost the organization time, money, and manpower are made.

Doucment Control -Buried in Paper

Buried in Paper

The demand on each individual employee is higher than it has ever been. To save time, they take shortcuts and, because they are frazzled and overworked, they become more susceptible to common errors that may be detrimental to the organization as a whole.

Doucment Control - Manual Engineering Change Notices

Manual Engineering Change Notices

Quality Control Engineers are already short on time. Time spent on manually submitting engineering change notices can take away their focus from other important tasks.

Doucment Control -Can’t Find the Right Documents

Can’t Find the Right Documents

Documents may be difficult to access, search for, or review. Time and manpower are wasted in trying to find the most up-to-date document. Audit results often suffer.

Doucment Control -Will I Pass My Audit?

Will I Pass My Audit?

All the confusion and chaos in trying to locate the proper document can make it difficult to comply with quality requirements such as ISO 9000/9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14000/14001, ISO 14971, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, HACCP, TS 16949; TL 9000; AS 9100; cGxP, 21 CFR Part 11, QSR Title 21 Part 820, A2LA, or OHSAS 18001.



The Solution is Document Control Software


CEBOS’ cloud-based MQ1 Document Control and Management software solution provides a safe and secure solution that saves both time and money for both small and large corporations.

The document management system eliminates manual administration and distribution of documents by electronically automating the entire document management process, including: editing, routing, and approval. The system includes complete revision control and archival of previous versions, for an extensive audit trail of each file controlled. It acts as a central, single source repository for users, enabling access to the latest and greatest version of any stored file. This cloud based document control software is an extremely versatile yet incredibly user friendly system, all while complying with critical business requirements and quality standards.

Versatile and user-friendly, its automated process enables effective tracking, editing, routing, approval, archiving, and distribution of documents. Overall, it is a more effective method for handling, storing, and managing documents.

Document Control Software Graphic

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The Benefits Are Clear


CEBOS’ MQ1 Document Control Software provides effective and efficient document control solutions that:


Doucment Control - Save Time

Save Time

Controlled templates make document creation fast and easy, while Workflow Management automates the distribution and approval phases of large processes. Reduce time and effort by completely automating all aspects of the engineering change request process.

Doucment Control-Eliminate Errors

Eliminate Errors

Employees find the right document through easy-to-use searchability functions, giving them more time (and head space) to focus on accuracy of data. Start from controlled template files to suit specific needs of different document types..

Doucment Control - Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Saved time and fewer errors mean big savings for the organization as a whole. Workflow Management Software reduces document control and management costs through automating the creation, distribution, and approval tasks in the document workflow process. Eliminates unnecessary costs and non-conformances arising from the use of incorrect documents by storing the latest version of documents in one central repository and securely controlling access.

Doucment Control - Impove Compliance with ISO Standards

Improve Compliance with ISO Standards

No more worrying during audits. Traceability and easy access of document life cycles help to improve the company’s ability to comply with quality standards. Automatically track and monitor the status of all documents. Eliminates time spent locating approved, in process and obsolete documents

What a CEBOS Customer Says About the Value of Document Management Software


Features of Document Control


Doucment Control - Accessibility
  • Complete access to all documentation history including previous versions of the documentation to maintain an audit trail.
  • Seamless integration with Intranets and/or public web sites is enabled by automated PDF file generation and virtual document storage locations.
  • Powerful search engines enable searching and also keyword and parameter prompted searching of the meta data as well.
  • Manuals enable the grouping and organization of related documents (drawings, references, procedures).
  • Filter and sort easily and quickly, for efficient document locating and printing.
  • View documents in their native format effortlessly with one mouse click.
Doucment Control - Automation
  • Complete user configurability in workflow creation and documentation categorization.
  • Link documents to the MQ1™ Training system, automatically generating training needs for each employee having that particular skill when the change on the document is significant enough to require training.
  • Integrate electronic engineering change requests eliminating further manual document management and enhancing project collaboration.
  • Batch change and replacement utilities enable multiple documents to be changed simultaneously and responsibilities to be re-assigned.
  • Create multiple change records simultaneously, each change supporting a unique approval list.
Doucment Control - Security
  • Maximize document security with the document vault functionality, preventing users from accessing documents through the “back door.”
  • Convert documentation to PDF format subsequent to approval, enabling users to preclude unauthorized printing, saving or copying of the documentation.
  • Prevent employees from making unauthorized changes and ensure that only the most recent revision is available for reference.
  • Define the order in which individuals receive document change approval and distribution notification according to their responsibilities and rank.
  • Control and automatically manage distribution of hard and electronic copies so users can be notified of revision level changes.

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