Training Tracking

Simplify Training Management with CEBOS’ MQ1 Training Management Software

In the business book “Good to Great”, author Jim Collins reminds us that we must not only get the right people on the bus, we have to get them in the right seat! Unfortunately, managing staff once they are in the right seat does not come without a challenge. Part of this challenge is to ensure training occurs at the required time so staff can be effective in their daily work. Challenges in managing employee training needs often include:

  • Job requirements changing as the organization evolves and offers new products
  • The static nature and manual effort required of tools typically used to manage the training process (e.g., email, spreadsheets, custom created databases)
  • Linking required training to constantly changing procedures
  • Management of personnel transfers from one department to another
  • Management of required training of new employees and rehires

The CEBOS MQ1 Human Resources module is focused on enabling practical solutions to these challenges. Functionality includes “drag-n-drop” user configured dashboards which display training status and highlight delinquent training needs. Whether it’s: recurring training, competency based training or training that is required due to a controlled document change coming from CEBOS’ MQ1 Document Management Software module, the solution is focused on providing the right information to users in real time. From there, training managers can then schedule classes, record when the classes have been completed, document who attended, the curriculum and much more. Reporting is available at all levels and does not require complex programming or report writing!

Benefits of CEBOS Training Management Software

  • Ensures nothing slips through the cracks and employees are adequately trained by automating the management and maintenance of the overall employee training function
  • Manages training quality and expenses by capturing and analyzing data on training costs and effectiveness
  • Enables on-going employee development and succession planning
  • Improves the quality of training programs and employee morale by creating and analyzing employee surveys
  • Ensures contingency planning for identifying most qualified employee back-ups
  • Ensures compliance to all quality requirements including: ISO 9000/9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14000/14001, ISO 14971, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, HACCP, TS 16949, TL 9000, AS 9100, cGxP, 21 CFR Part 11, QSR Title 21 Part 820, A2LA, OHSAS 18000, and many more, are met or exceeded

Features of CEBOS MQ1 Training Management Software

  • Link required training directly to controlled documents using the CEBOS’ MQ1 Document Management software, allowing a change in a controlled document to automatically spawn a training requirement and the associated training records.
  • Manage and maintain everything related to employee training including such items as employee: feedback, training records, skill levels, position specific required skills, attendance logs, and much more by using one central repository and management system
  • Maintain updated organization chart and clearly document position responsibilities and reporting relationships
  • Maintain a listing of qualified back-up personnel for all critical positions for quick, easy access minimizing line downtime due to staffing issues
  • Automatically generate training sessions or reminders based upon the last training date for skills needing recurring re-qualification.  This ensures that employees remain qualified and current on the latest techniques
  • Generate employee opinion surveys, encouraging all employees to share ideas and help the organization increase shareholder value
  • Create skill descriptions for jobs so employees can see the path to attaining the skills needed to perform in a particular position as well as to assist managers in recruiting
  • Create employee mass mailings/E-mails allowing you to create mailing labels, send E-mails or mail merge for form letters, quickly and easily, for important employee correspondence
  • Integrate with ODBC compliant databases to automatically transfer employee data (e.g., names, etc.) into MQ1 to reduce or eliminate redundant data entry
  • Record and monitor all aspects of employee information including birthdays, date of hire, education, experience and job history, performance and much more, completely managing all important employee information

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