Layered Process Audit

Layered Process Auditing

Today’s marketplace finds the automotive and other industry OEM’s becoming more and more demanding in terms of quality. In fact so much so, that some have even gone as far as to require Layered Process Audits be conducted.

All that have deployed layered process audits on a continuing basis realize the benefits. However, these benefits do come at a cost as companies spend significant time in the completion and management of paperwork to comply with such requirements.

CEBOS can help! Completing, managing and complying with OEM reporting requirements does not have to be incredibly time intensive. The CEBOS Layered Process Audit Software (LPA Software) Suite enables a significant reduction or elimination of LPA paperwork and management time to be realized. With CEBOS’ MQ1, LPAs and compliance reporting can now be quick and just a click away. As an added benefit, complete user configured graphical reporting including trend and Pareto analysis are standard features! We even have you covered if you would like to integrate corrective action or full quality management functionality.


  • Reduces time spent completing, managing and reporting on all aspects of LPAs including tracking and monitoring of any and all audits.
  • Reports trends through the use of MQ1 to easily identify and complete continuous improvement initiatives
  • Eliminates unnecessary costs, time and nonconformances arising from the use of incorrect audit checklists by controlling each checklist and storing in one central repository
  • Ensures all customer requirements are met or exceeded
  • Enables company personnel to be proactive and identify and act on problems before they happen


  • Eases management of the audit process by ensuring audits are scheduled and completed timely as MQ1 automatically schedules, tracks, and notifies audit personnel and appropriate individuals with fully integrated email capabilities.
  • Supports recurring audit scheduling
  • Enables review of audit results in the way the end user prefers: graphical, summary or detail format
  • Supports all kinds of audits: internal system, supplier and third party audits
  • Allows for point and click creation of audit checklist templates that can be easily copied and modified for the next audit with no retyping
  • Supports the creation of customized user questions specific to an organization, activity, or element reference
  • Integrates with other CEBOS MQ1 systems to ensure issues do not fall through the cracks by allowing corrective action requests and opportunities for improvement to be documented, analyzed and resolved with assigned responsibilities and due dates
  • Precludes unauthorized modifications to audit results due to MQ1’s full-featured security functionality
  • Verifies that audit findings are reported to the responsible employees, suppliers or others involved in the audit process ensuring continuous improvement

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