Project Management

Project Management Software That Lets You Manage Tasks Effortlessly

The CEBOS MQ1™ Work Manager project manager software system is the electronic workstation that manages the organization’s daily tasks. It is a powerful project management tool that facilitates meetings as well as organizes and manages complicated projects by creating and assigning responsibilities with due dates for tasks. The MQ1 Work Manager System automatically notifies individuals of pending tasks and tasks overdue are automatically escalated to additional employees ensuring these tasks are completed and don’t slip through the cracks.

Benefits of Project Management Software

  • Saves employees time by quickly and efficiently managing projects by assigning responsibilities and due dates with automatic reminders ensuring tasks are completed timely
  • Increases customer satisfaction by enhanced customer communication and project documentation
  • Reduces time by managing important tasks by exception reporting
  • Reduces quality management audit preparation time by managing a real-time snapshot of the status of the quality system
  • Reduces business issue resolution time by facilitating team communication through organized meetings where responsibilities and due dates can be set and automatically managed
  • Increases action item accountability and organization participation in the quality system by providing a centralized and easy mechanism for people to see what is expected of them
  • Reduces session time with efficient, user-friendly system

Features of Project Management Software

  • Automatically E-mail action items and issues or reminders for open tasks to the responsible employees, ensuring all issues and tasks are noticed and handled by qualified staff
  • Escalate actions for non-performance, helping to share information and complete tasks in a timely manner
  • Leverage past projects by creating project templates with predefined tasks and checklists for quick and powerful project creation
  • Copy project information from similar projects, saving time to create new projects as well as leveraging best practices from existing projects
  • Reassign open issues and tasks quickly and easily to other employees when appropriate
  • Schedule meetings via email and document meeting minutes and associated action items

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