Risk Management

Risk Management Software

The CEBOS MQ1™ Risk Management software covers management of all aspects of risk to an organization including requirements of such standards as ISO 14001, ISO 14971 and ISO 9001:2015. The risk management software enables users to define each risk, prioritize the risk, create a heat map, and create a mitigation plan with action items and comprehensive reporting. This enables organizations to manage a very comprehensive set of risk requirements.


  • Ensures that the organization is placing the appropriate resources on the highest priority risks
  • Reduce time and costs to manage risks by integrating all aspects within one central system
  • Reduces risk of fines from environmental regulation authorities
  • Covers all aspects of ISO 14001, ISO 14971 and ISO 9001:2015


  • Creation of very structured documentation relating to all aspects of each risk element
  • Creation of action items to enable proactive management, including email and escalation notifications to affected individuals and supervisors
  • Linkage of risks to data in other MQ1 modules (operations, processes, products, supplied items, activities, equipment, etc.)
  • Management of risks by identifying goals as well as setting responsibilities and due dates
  • Integration to the MQ1 Documents system supporting hyperlinks to reference documents and procedures
  • Reference to legal requirements that affect the risk management system
  • Linkage to other MQ1 functions (corrective actions, FMEA’s, etc.)

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