Customer Case Studies

Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec (SMR)
Christophe Sib Testimonials 350x200
“We have been talking about implementing a quality management system for years. We wanted to have a standout quality management system for all SMR locations.”

Christophe Sib, SMR’s global ERP and QMS IT Specialist

Vishay Dale Inc.

Joe Arlt Testimonials 350x200

“Before CEBOS, we had paper everywhere. We transferred over 65,000 documents into CEBOS, and each one of them could have two, three, maybe a hundred sheets to them. We would have to mail [our document change notices] . . . A change could take weeks.”

Joe Arlt, Document Control Manager

Vitatech Nutritional Sciences

Toni Clubb Testimonials 350x200

“When you can increase your reliability and a customer notices it, then they know that they can rely on you as a manufacturer today and going forward.”

Toni Clubb


HFI Quality Management System

“While you may be attempting not to have a silo approach to your organization, it is fairly easy for that to happen [when] you are working, literally, in different systems. Those were some of the challenges we were facing.”

Bree Iisaka, Corporate Quality Manager

American Showa

American Quality Management System

“We’ve cut down on repeat issues from problems on the floor because we have a very strong auditing process directly tied to our corrective action process.”

Chris Glover, Quality Systems Engineer

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CEBOS testimonial - Cascade Engineering

“We can hit one button and see all of the information related to that particular job” April Dines, Cascade Engineering

CEBOS testimonial Joe Clements Cosma Casting Michigan

Life before CEBOS? “Death by Excel…” Joe Clements, Cosma Casting Michigan, Inc.

CEBOS testimonial - Suminoe Textile of America

“We love everything about MQ1. We use it in every aspect.” Susan Rollins, Suminoe Textile of America

“MQ1 is far and away the best program for QMS I have ever used. A recent auditor said, ‘MQ1 is best in class software for ISO certifications’.”
– Sam Sinclair, QM Lead, Kohler

“We are starting to use it as a tool for safety as well as quality. Our ISO audits have gone well, largely because of MQ1 in my opinion. Having quick access to the information really impresses the auditors.”
– Wade Spooner, Senior Metallurgical Engineer, ArcelorMittal

“The CEBOS MQ1 software was the one that best fulfilled my expectations. I was able to understand their usage and gain the confidence in MQ1 to make the purchase.”
– Robbie Harrington, Plant Manager, Welding Manufacturers Industrial Group

“Thank you for making it so easy to work with you and your company, all vendors should be so good!”
– Karen Hartley, Corporate IT Manager, HFI, LLC