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Complaint Management


Traditional comprehensive audits run more smoothly if your team takes the time to do layered process audits, ensuring that every aspect of the process is working at peak performance.

While layered process audits can help streamline your processes and save money in the long run, manually conducting these audits is time consuming and costly.

QAD CEBOS EQMS has a full system to manage layered process audits for compliance with OEM or other regulatory body requirements.

  • Reduces the time to manage and report on every aspect of layered process audits
  • Easily recognizes trends, helping you to make fast course corrections before the process goes out of control
  • Ensures the use of current approved checklists
  • Automatically schedules audits and monitors audit status
  • Provides alerts and notifications
  • Graphical audit result reports
  • Easy to use audit checklist templates

Complaint Management

Customers complain using the method that’s most convenient for them, whether that’s phone calls, emails or on-site reports. You never want to miss a customer complaint, but you can’t tell customers they must file their complaints using a specific channel—not if you want to be in compliance with regulations and keep customers happy.

Missing complaints, ignoring complaints, failing to take action on complaints—all black marks that can cause problems with customers, damage your brand—even shut you down. You need a central complaint repository, so every complaint is gathered in one place. This repository helps ensure you take corrective actions, and centralizing the information helps you recognize trends and emerging problems.

QAD CEBOS EQMS centralized complaint system helps keep complaints manageable, and built in aging and alerts ensure you take timely actions, helping to make audits run smoother and keeping customers safe and happy.

  • Centralized complaint repository means you never lose a complaint
  • Built in alerts and customized workflows ensure timely actions

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