Improve Your Quality of Life

CEBOS’ aim is to bring quality to life — to make work less frustrating and efforts more rewarding, which leads to improving the quality of lives for individuals, families and companies.

CEBOS is a leading provider of enterprise wide quality management and management system standard software and services. CEBOS’ MQ1 software, offers significant time savings while providing the assurance that your company is in compliance with industry and governmental regulations including: ISO, TS, FDA, AS, OHSAS, cGxP, and many more.

In fact, it is CEBOS’ charter to ensure that these requirements, as well as future requirements, are automated with CEBOS’ technology — this is precisely why CEBOS provides functionality enhancement releases each and every year, driven by you the users! In addition, products are easily configured by the end user, allowing users to meet the unique needs of its organization’s internal requirements as well as specific customer requirements.

With CEBOS’ MQ1, companies are able to replace multiple stand alone systems with one robust system, translating into enormous productivity gains as data is entered one time and is automatically populated to all appropriate areas. Additional savings come from reduced IT internal support time and software maintenance dollars as supporting one application is significantly easier and less expensive than supporting multiple applications.

Ultimately, CEBOS’ products raise employee productivity, improve customer service and increase profits. CEBOS knows because they are certified to ISO 9001 and use MQ1 to operate its business everyday. CEBOS has hundreds of customers enjoying benefits from a variety of industries.


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