Corrective Action Efficiency

The Corrective Action process is vitally important to any organization.  It provides the means to eliminate repeat problems, reduce costs from waste/rework, increase customer satisfaction through higher quality and responsiveness, among others.  These are all very desirable outcomes for any business, but often the corrective action process is not efficient and as a result, these good business results are not achieved.  By intuition alone, having success in life depends on the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively, so it stands to reason that effective problem solving is a skill we should strive to perfect.

There are many factors that cause inefficiency such as:

  • The process is too complex
  • The process takes too long
  • There is a lack of discipline following the process
  • There are insufficient resources
  • There are too many big problems
  • There is inconsistent data resulting in poor analysis

There are specific elements to the corrective action process itself that need to optimized to ensure it is easy and takes as little time as possible.   These are:

  • Assessment of impact on other processes/products
  • Changes to procedures
  • Written communications and record keeping
  • Reporting
  • Periodic Analysis

Detailed Checklist

Reach out to us and get a checklist showing details for the top causes of inefficiency in the corrective action process along with some proven countermeasures and techniques for gaining the most efficiency.